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— Overview

UX / UI Design
Art Direction
Visual Design
Creative Direction
Motion Design

The stories told by Lipica leave a lasting impression. Because they are one of a kind and written in the embrace of its beautiful estate. Every activity is steeped in a centuries-long tradition, and coloured with picturesque scenes of nature and marvellous images of white horses. The mission of the Lipica Stud Farm is to ensure prime services in the breeding of Lipizzan horses and equestrianism, as well as the protection, preservation, and development of the cultural and natural heritage and its promotion through advanced tourism products designed on the basis of harmony between horses, people, and nature.

Their website did not showcase the complexity and vast array of possible activities and attractions visitors could participate in and see on the Lipica ground. They had a lot of unstructured content, and we made sure to modernize and refresh their website and make their content more accessible. In addition, we worked on easier access to the online ticket purchasing system.


Emphasizing the significance of Lipica

Our Solution

We did extensive research on tackling all of their main pain points, and through this process, we ended up structuring the website in a more intuitive and easy-to-use way.We introduced two main pillars of the website -Explore Lipica, where are located all the essential information. We created some sort of digital museum of Lipica, adding an educational note to their presentation. To emphasize the significance of such an important cultural institution, we created a visual history timeline, showcasing events from the founding of Lipica in 1580 until today.Experience Lipica, where we could showcase everything visitors can experience in the Lipica complex.


Reflecting  its raw beauty

Lipica Brand Identity

When we visited Lipica ground, we were taken aback by its raw beauty and green meadows, so we wanted to incorporate that feeling into the website.

We were not strictly confined to the Lipica brand identity. We chose the font combination of Canela, with its traditional yet modern look we thought would speak to the historical aspect of the complex, and Roboto, which is well readable and performs well on the web. We chose a more subtle color palette, emphasizing the beautiful imagery. The clients in Lipica were happy with the website's results, so they invited us to create complementing brand identity for the new hotel Maestoso, which was fully renovated in 2021.





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